Khun Wanna Group Co., Ltd.
For over 8 years
Khun Wanna Group has been working in Commercial & Residential Concept andDesign, with special attention to our clients' collaboration between design and construction teams.Our primary objective is to design exceptional projects that help clients find success, by the MOTTO: SIMPLE BUT ELEGANCE & FUNCTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

Company's Philosophy

The cornerstone of our design philosophy is to understand the objectives of our clients and then translating this into attractive, stylish and functional environments.

This leads to our second - but equally important - goal: Total and Complete Customer Satisfaction.

At the core of our design practice is our commitment to understand each client's vision and unique criteria for success. This requires exceptional listening skills and a roll-up-your- sleeves attitude. At the launch of every project we employ these tools to pinpoint the central objectives of the project, then create a creative brief that guides the project from design development through construction.